Hospise-st cdep (2010)

Hospise is a crust quartet, they hail from Moscow, Russia and this is their three track cd, as usual i don't know much about the band, all i know is they have a demo probably recorded in 2009 (there is a track in their myspace) and recently they released this cdep, future plans incl. a split cd w Warborn
This was released by Chucky the Rat Records and came out with two different covers: the one you see here, the second is more simple with band's logo only. The macabre artwork reflects the music content: This is dark crust with some (black) metal hints, each track lasts over six minutes, guitars deliver gloomy leading melodic parts, the songs move in fast pace with some slower emotional breaks, vocals are howled/screamed, if you are into Leadershit, Ekkaia( in their last lp) and other Tragedy-From Ashes Rise orientated bands then you are gonna love this. Lyrics wise they have done some great work:"Hell is in death cry of every innocent victim/And in frozen eyes of dead animals/Hell is in the rivers of constantly spilled blood/And in homeless children's corpses stiff in death/And our deepest sin is our salvation,Our ability to raze everything from rememberance". Great stuff. The singer sings in Russian, lyrics can be found in their myspace and the translation in english as well.
If anyone of you own their demo and wish to help just drop a line. Hospise members are also involved with Sangai and Angel Eyes. The band offers the cd in their myspace and in banscamp, link is in ifolder.ru and i had some problems with it so i re-up'ed it,choose your link. Once again many thanks to Evil Scientist,cheers!
first link
second link
Bandcamp free download link


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Some more info:
the singer has an acoustic screamo project called Angel's Eyes: http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Angel%27s+Eyes

and most musicians play in Sangai: http://www.myspace.com/sangaimsk

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Thank you for review and nice words!


Check this out, if you're still in interest with this band.

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