Dead is Sexy-Demo 2006

Dead is Sexy come from Pezinok Slovakia (Slovak Republic) , they formed in 2006 and this is their demo recorded that year. They had some line up changes and this is their only recorded material. the demo delivers eight tracks and 24 minutes of heavy crust/hardcore with brutal vocals. The sound is a a bit raw and rough with metallic hint and they manage to deliver the aggression, the vocalist growls deep low, drums are clear and song tempos vary from mid paced to fast but more variety on this would work nicely. Surprisingly, some twisted guitar solos appear here and there. Discharge, Disfear, Arnia, Dischange, Asocial, Nihilist, are mentioned as influences. In 2008 they were supposed to have started rehearsing but there is not any news on their myshit


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