Cancer Spreading-Stench core scum tape 2007

This was posted some weeks ago but the track list was wrong, here it is again with the correct tracks, many thanks to Gabry, (vox) who kindly offered the missing tracks
So lets make the post again: This is the absolut Deviated Instinct worship : Cancer Spreading is the name of a stench core act from Modena, Italy and was also the title of a Deviated Instinct song. Then as you might have already noticed, the demo artwork reminds of Mid's works (esp in Welcome to the orgy). Somehow, these similarities prove what you got here..
This was recorded some time in 2007 and was followed by a split w Children of Technology,a 7" split w Cruel Storm and a 12" split w Disk├Ântroll, some more releases are planned.
If Deviated Instinct decide to record some new songs then they will probably sound like Cancer Spreading. Stench Core Scum comes in tape format and musically and aesthetically is close to Deviated Instinct. There are eleven songs including three live tracks,recorded at Live at Do It YourFest @ Prato, Italy. The cover of Despair is great and the stenchcore version of Outbreak of Evil (Sodom) is excellent
needless to say any other shit.



Anonymous said...

...unfortunately track 3 is corrupted.. any chance you could re-up??

7inchcrust said...

what you mean is corrupted? i just downloaded the file and its ok. anyway, here is Macerie up'ed elsewhere:
http://www.easy-share.com/1909399723/03 Macerie.rar
i hope it will work for you

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

when i extracted the folder i got an error message saying track 03 file corrupted... i DL'd the whole folder twice & got the same error both times.. works now tho!! many thanks..

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