Salted City-Demo Tape

Even the winter isn't what it used to be anymore.Salted City is a bit weird name for a band,and honestly i dont know much about how this 4 piece outfit from Portland got their name.Doubt it even matters.What matters is what we get on this demo tape this band released the passed december.So,7 tracks total played and recorded on this demo,all in a hc punk fashion,with a bit more attention on the hc part,but still,its far from just hardcore,cause you can hear some preety good d beating crusted all over,kinda like detestation,plus,female vocal,which isn't brutal or anything,but i have to say it fits amazing with the tunes,like hands and gloves.And on each track ull hear some guitar tangling,maybe like discharged guitar solos,but with some rock edge to the riffs,but dont get misleaded,this thing is crust d beat from start to finish.And afcorse,some band history and info from their space page.All four members have previosly played in bands,the male part of the band is from coldbringer,the first guitar,a member from bumbklaat,which since 2010 was replaced with Grant from warcry,talk is poison,and as previously said,coldbringer.The female vocal was previously in call the police.Since my opinion is that these informations are completly irrelevant about the band itself,i'm gonna cut it.Track Hell on Earth is my fave,pick yours!!!!!



Velha escola Nova escola said...

Great stuff in here !! Greetings from Brazil and VE-NE!!! Hugs .

gallo said...

rock'n'riot dude.....greetz to sunny brazil......and afcorse...hugs !!! :)

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