Made in Sweden #3

The third part of Kang & Mangel - Crust Mayhem compilation series with bands coming from Sweden. This started during the last summer (six months ago) but laziness, boredom and no free time delayed it so long. Anyway here there are 32 bands and about 75 minutes of Swedish hardcore, crust, punk and grind. some bands are well known and some are not, none of these bands was included in the previous two compilations, the file is a bit large (90 mb) but it worth to get it if you are into scandi core
Next to come is a compilation with bands coming from Philippines for the Asian Crust comp series
And just cause someone may complain about this (yes it happened before) lets say the obvious and set things clear: This is a web compilation,not an actual release, all songs are collected from myspaces, there is no any profit out of it, just the spreading of word.
No more rant, now get it and dont forget #1 and #2
01:Ett Sista Andetag-Under the surface
03:Glöm Dä!-Nan lavla fare fan vara
04:Without A Trace-Auf wiedershehen
05:Systemskifte-Skenet bednar
06:Dissober-Never obey (unreleased track)
07:Insidious Process-Haller hellre kaft
08:Aktiv Dödshjälp-Slav uner smartans missionar
09:Doden Loggar In-Sista soiken i kistan
10:Totalt Jävla Mörker-Kall vrld
13:Wallrides-i can't function
14:Palme Lever-Religion religion
15:Haveri-Mental kollaps
17:Passiv Dödshjälp-Eskapisten
18:Sprängda Snuthuen-Snutas
19:Vulture Mob-Get out
20:H5N1-A new day
21:Personangrepp-En sketen lordag
22:Sista Sekunten-Se opp se opp
23:Slöa Knivar-Hemmakvallsmassaker
26:Striktlickers-Piller ovh pilsner
28:Retaliation-Deafening silence
30:Explosivt-Oskyldigt domd
31:Sub Alert-Capitalistica
32:Warvictims-En fruktansvard syn



gallo said...

warvictimes track shreds......awsome!!!

gallo said...


7inchcrust said...

cheers mate ;)this is a unreleased track, and yes it rulzz (and so do some other bands)

Unknown said...

Eskatologia supports this! Get in touch with us if you want an mp3 from the final master.

Keep up the good work!

/Marcus Eskatologia

7inchcrust said...

Hi Marcus. you can contact me via 7inchcrust (dot) gmail (dot) com. i have seen Masken's review of 3 track promo cd in his blog, you must have done great work, i like all tracks you have in your myspace, hope to see your 7" and split w Distress very soon