Dakhma-2012 Demo cd (2008)

Dakhma were a crust band from Praha, Czech Republic, they released a demo in 2008 and called it quits. You can listen the demo in their myshit and is also available for downloading in their blog. The cover artwork, the demo title and the gloomy feeling of music create an apocalyptic crust storm: Dakhma delivers emotional and heavy crust with gloomy melodies, heavy and thick guitar riffs with a few black metal hints, desperate screamed vocals and mid to fast pace beat with slower emotional parts. The vocalist has strong voice and sings in his native language the dark rhymes describing the alienation of human beings, there is English translation in their myspace (also printed here), sound quality is dissent. Nice demo that has power, melody and aggression in perfect ballance, they stand close to Oroku, Fall of Effrafa (Owsla era) and other emotional crust acts. Sadly they called it a day and members now are active in bands such as Lakmé,(cool band too with a nice demo), AbstinentiA, Gattaca and Kung-Fu Girls, they also run a small distro.

grab it here

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