Utopium-Demo 2008

This is sick grindcore from Portugal: Utopium send their growling greetings from Lisboa, they are a five piece grind act and this is their 2008 three track demo cd, offered for free in their myshit: As expected this is sick and tormenting noise with hyperspeeding blastbeats, noisy guitar and monstrous vocals. Songs move in high speed , in Harvest the harshness they attempt to play some slower parts before the usual storm start raging while the rest of tracks are from start to the end in the familiar grindcore inferno. As conclusion this nothing less than the typical noisy grind delivering a wall of noise and i m glad they are not into the gory/medical lyrics trap. The band offers this shit for free in their myshit. There are some new tracks there, give 'em a listening


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