Deathrats-Demo/7'' st

Female fronted hardcore punk band hailing from Washington,DC,thats Deathrats.And im not really sure how much this is the demo these guys and a girl released or it's the 7'',which was put out by to live a lie records,but anyway,its uploaded,so its all yours.Still,this is not really crust or anything,except maybe that in track 1 theres some mellodic part,like neocrust bands have,but other than that,these guys play fast trashy hardcore,cause of the vocals imagine it as some sort of cross between life's halt and i object,though a bit more raw than those two anyway.You can check out their review in MRR zine here,and check the bands blog here,in case you want to score coppies of this.So,feminist and activist like lyrics inside,and a hardcore missile in your home.Have fun!


206 said...

I've been thinking about buying this one for a while. Thanks to you, the debate is over. Cheers.

gallo said...

thanx for stopping by....and afcorse...cheers!!!!

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