All the Cold-Though the dead world (tape)

This is not crust but since autumn is here with gray skies, dark clouds and cold nights, All the Cold's demo is the perfect soundtrack for these rainy days:All the Cold is a two piece Ambient-ish Black Metal act and they come from the city of Murmansk, north Russia. They formed in 2008, and recorded a couple of demos and splits with some obscure experimental ambient/noise and black metal bands (split w Mordheim, split w Deep-Pression,split w Zebulon Kosted (all in 2008) and a 3-way split w Fornicaus and Happy Days (2009). In 2009 they released One year of cold (jewelcase cd and digipack)
Through the Dead World is a five track demo tape limited to only 150 copies and released on Dernier Bastion Productions. Last Winter is a slow, emotional and depressive instrumental intro, Coldness Of Another Universe is almost a dark industrial-song with wicked vocals, Suicide And The Night is another atmospheric journey into sorrow, Through The Dead World starts with an acoustic part and becomes a sick black metal song in the vein of Velvet Cacoon and finally, All The Cold is a sad and mournful outro. This is a travel in winter's snowy landscapes and frozen mountains just like the trips of Oakhelm, Agalloch and other inhabitants of depressive metal territory.
The band was discovered in Red and Anarchist Black Metal blog (the name says it all) and the link is blatantly stolen from there


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