Metalcrust from the russian thundras.Antimelodix is a band,coming from the northwest of russia,right on the border with finland,and i even think they talk finnish.But anyway,this band was formed in 2006 but didnt managed to record anything,they were just having some mini tours in sweden and finland, till this year.This is their,demo/promo containing 3 tracks of some really nice crust mixed with metallic beatings on the guitar,well mostly like some black metal throwed in a crust tune,but still,its a crust.This 6 member band has just put out their first cd release called ''Hellfuck'' on two russsian distros.Enjoi it!!



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gallo said...

shvatam da hoces da reklamiras blog...ali daj malo oladi bato!!!

Grind The World Zine said...

haha no they don't speak finnish, though from Karjala... lately guys made a cool litl tour in Finland i was there they kick serious ass!!