Relics of Future-Demo 2008

This is heavy stenchcore from Germany: Relics of Future come from the city of Ruhrpott,they formed in summer of 2007 and their first attempt was a five track demo recorded the same year. Because of the bad sound quality the band re-recorded the tracks in 2008. I don't know anything about them, their first bassist passed away and in 2008 they made a mini tour in Germany.
The cover artwork is misleading with the Discharge font and the battlefield picture (what you see here is their logo that is into crust aesthetic). Music wise the demo delivers heavy brutality blending the stenchcore of Deviated Instinct with the death metal/crust of Bolt Thrower's Realm of Chaos era: Heavy and thick tuned down guitars, hoarse vocals and slow/mi-paced drum tempos with some faster outbreaks, the whole shit lasts for aproximatelly 14:30".

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