Filthy Charity-Return to the bloody old vein [2009]

Filthy Charity are some vets from Marseille, France who are back in action after a ten year hiatus. They were formed back in 1989 and recorded a few demos, ("And the oppression continues" "Miserys is our destiny", a split demo tape w B.E.S.M.E.T., "Paradise will reborn from chaos" etc), in 1993 they released Disgrace to the earth 7" and Caught in your Silence 4-way split tape (w Cripple Bastards, Harsh Feelings and Grimcorpses) and a split ep w S.R.M.P.., in 2006 Manes Thecel Phares cd came out and three years later they called it quits, members were involved in bands such as Substance of Noise, Equilibrium and others
Return to the bloody old vein is their come back with a guy from Chiasse Negative handling vocals duties, the cdr consists of seven tracks that deliver a brutal blending of old school fast grindcore and metallic crust with guttural vocals, slightly reminding of Disgrace to the earth, all tracks were recorded live in studio.
The band offers the demo for free in their Myshit, go get it


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