Unquiet-Demo 2008

Unquiet hail from Berlin Germany and this is their three track demo recorded sometime in 2008.
This was limited to only 100 copies and delivers three tracks of heavy, emotional and dark crust in the vein of From Ashes Rise, His Hero is Gone and Tragedy. There are some dark melodies here and there, vocals are screamed/yelled, the sound quality is excellent and rhythms vary from fast to slower and emotional. The demo comes in tape format with nice package and includes the lyrics: This is paper made and not the typical plastic, lyrics included in a nicely done sheet, package and sheet may look a bit impractical but the idea is nice. The band offers the tracks for free in their myspace, unfortunately there is no any further information there, recently they released their first lp "This is darkness descended" on Behind the Scenes, Contraszt and Synalgie Records (Synalgie is the label behind the release of this demo)


Anonymous said...

Pleas send me here their email address a I want the demo and I havent got myspace thanx

Garage Grindhead said...

Can you tell me how to get one dood? cool blog you got in here, visit mine please.
greetings from Indonesia.

7inchcrust said...

i m sorry but i can't help: i don't have myspace too,if you like the demo so much just register in myspace

Anonymous said...

Great tape!
Only costed me €3, including postage.
The band has recently recorded, but I don't know for what they recorded. Make a myspace (even if its shit, it's a good way for band-communication) and ask, I guess.
And I also believe only 50 pieces of this tape were made.
They're going to tour Europe in april together with November 13th!