Easpa Measa-Renounce and dethrone [2004]

Powerful male/female fronted crust band from Dublin, Ireland: Easpa Measa (roughly translated "Lack Of Respect" in Irish) formed around 2001/02 and this is their demo, released as cd in 2004. Their discography is the s/t cd (2002, GZ Records), the "Renounce and dethrone" demo cdr (recorded and selfreleased in 2004, one year later it was released by Impregnate Noise Laboratories from Czech Republic on tape format), the split 7" w/ Atomventigger from Scotland (2004, Holy Records), the split 7" w Nemetona from Japan (not any relation with the black metal band from Germany with the same name) in 2005 on Acclaim Records and the split 12" with Silence from Poland (Acclaim & Sadness of Noise Rec.s). A split with the Irish crusties Division Ruin is on the way.
"Renounce and dethrone" delivers six tracks and delivers 23 minutes of crusty flavored hardcore with dual male/female vocals. According to their site (some nice reviews there) some copies are still available from the band and it was going to come out on vinyl sometime in 2008 as a split release between the distro/label Humildad y Honestidad a label from Spain and Contraszt Records( involved with some great records such as Massmord/Shades of Grey-spit, Asedio's El ultimo invierno lp or the Fall of Effrafa/Down with Agony split lp), obviously some delay happened..


Batguano said...

Hey, I like these guys' other releases (especially the Silence split). Thanks a bunch for digging up their demo!

JG said...

the name roughly translated "Lack Of Respect" in Irish.Split lp with DIVISIONS RUIN coming soon.

7inchcrust said...

thanks pentagrimes, i added the infos