Black Haven-Demo 2007

Another band i discovered some time ago: Black Haven come from Gent/Kortrijk,Belgium and i know not any single fucking thing about them (as usual..). According to their myspace they have recorded a demo tape/cd, the "Cleansing storm" ep/cd and "Lazarus" ep. Music wise they deliver metal edged rough crust with heavy, thick guitars and strong shouting vocals, tempos vary from fast to mid-paced and slower, the sound quality is excellent in the level of official release and the four tracks are about ten minutes long
The band offers for free their demo in their myspace, 300 cd and 77 tape copies were made, there is also a 7" version of it.You have to download both links and then unzip in one folder.
ps:Iskra's Fucking scum is active again

Go for it


Toxik Boys said...

Suenan muy bien, gran post


Anonymous said...

is it also possible to download it somewhere? great re-up`s!!!

7inchcrust said...

thats why you should read first the text instead of clicking the download link:if you scroll down the Black Haven myspace page you will see their discography and the download links of demo..

Anonymous said...

thanks again for the iskra re-post as well as all of the other demos you've posted recently!


Anonymous said...

uuups, that's right it's on the myspace-site. normally i read the text. but sometimes i have to do a little bit quick. for me text is very important. thanx bro!!!!!

DogArgentina said...

great band and from the new blood in crust!but very much merchandise in their myspace page!it makes you wonder...what for?
cheers and i check your blog as much i can,keep it up b!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Belgium! This is more a hardcore than a crust band (their members come from the hc scene and not really from the crust scene); they play with hardcore bands instead of crust bands etc etc. Anyway, great band! Great live band as well. I think they're related to Amenra. They're completely antifascist as far as I know and they're going to release a full-length soon.

7inchcrust said...

Hi Sander.
thanks for the comment and the infos, they still sound crusty to me but labeling the genre of a band is not a big deal, their antifascist attitude is the important thing here.

Anonymous said...

Yes they are heavely influenced by Tragedy as far as I know (you can hear that as well).
You should post their two 7" as well if you can find them, they're as good, or even better, than the demo!