Nuklear-Vi omges av skit (2006)

The swedish band Nukleär was formed in spring 2006 when three friends felt that they wanted to play ass kicking, killer stomping, super heavy and aggressive music. The members, André, Chrille and Olle, has all been playing together in various punk and metal bands during the past years. They came up with the band name "Nukleär" (which means Nuclear) cause they wanted to have a unique name in swedish that also told us something about the music they played.Nukleär play crust, not 100% crust though. Some grind parts and headbang parts are in there too. And a little black metal influence as well.
They recently recorded their first full-length demo, containing ten songs of fury and hatred... well... listen and tell!
The band offers for free the demo in their myspace they have also put the lyrics there (they sing in Swedish but there is a short explaination for each song in English, lyrics deal about sexism, religion, alienation, nazism, war etc ). A mix of Driller Killer, Skitsystem (they cover Maktens murar rasar) and other Swedish outfits in a nice way, very good sound quality and about 24 minutes total running time.
02:Massproducerad Kalamit
03:Svek på svek
05:Skär dig för fan
06:Samhället ser dig
08:Ett småstadsideal
09:Dödens män
10:Maktens murar rasar