One Life Agony-Demo (2006,cd)

One Life Agony was a a four piece D-beat crust band from Rome Italy including the drumer of Dirty Power Game and the bassist of HxM.
They formed in 2006 and this cd is their only recorded material. Their crustcore is in the vein of Scandinavian crust (In their myspace they include as influences bands such as Wolfbrigade, Anticimex, Driller Killer,Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, Detestation, UK 80's crust etc, so you know what are they about)
This seven track demo was recorded in September 2006. About twenty minutes of tuned down guitars mdpaced to fast tempos and aggressive growling vocals, the sound quality is decent and the cd includes the lyrics (in italian).
One Life Agony were active for 18 months and split up when the drummer left the band due to the difficulties of being in three bands.
02:Tutto uguale
03:Solo un incubo
04:Obscura illussione
05:Colpevoli della nostra morte
06:Cavie umane
07:Ancora una volta

One Life Agony-Demo 2006

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