After the Massacre-Demo (cd,2004)

D-beat crustcore from Liverpool, England .After the Massacre formed in 2003 and this is their demo cd, it consists 8 tracks of raw crustcore strongly influenced by Extreme Νoise Τerror and Discharge. Double dis guitar onslaught, double female vocals and lyrics about familiar crust topics such as freedom, war, social injustice etc. The production is decent and the cover artwork reveals what these guys are talking about...
ATM recorded also the "The end" ep (Wasted Dreams Records) and "A future discarded to the bonepits" cd(SOA Records).Two members are also in Empire of Vomit and in this demo a greek guy (formerly in grinding crusties Chemical Disease) is behind the drum kit
And here's a 10 minutes youtube video shot from ATM's tour in Balkans in summer '07:They tear down the whole place in Klub Gromka, Metelkova Mesto, Ljubljana, Slovenia (28.05.2007),grab it here
03:Our blood is spilled
04:The final nightmare
05:Road to oblivion
06:Total fuckin jihad
07:Monstrous hell system
08:Terror master controller


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for all the great music
can you re up htis please
thanks again

Anonymous said...


love your blog.

you're mixing up the US ATM and the UK ATM.

US ATM, hailing from Lake Elsinore CA, they formed in 2003 and released a s/t demo, "The End" 7" (on my label, Wasted Dream) in 2004, and the "Hellhole" demo in 2005. they went on a bit of a hiatus in 2006 and have been back and strong since 2008.

members had another band at the same time called Problem//Reaction//Solution who recorded in 2005/2006. all have been released on tape in 2008.

ATM/PRS singer Joey and his wife also has anther current band called Secret Sect (just did a split 7'' with Nuclear Frost from Brazil) and run a distro called Morbid Massakre. they release great tape comps called MASSAKRED! check them out!!!


PRS is my favourite!

7inchcrust said...

hi Nick
thanks for all this information,i already knew that there were two ATM and about the US ATM and their 7" and i don't know how i came wrong with this, probably i was confused by the time i posted this or i was drunk or i learned about later and forgot to edit, thanks anyway.

Pete said...

Thanks for the upload, can't find my copy anywhere and I played on the fucker! I'll be uploading the unreleased ATM EP on my blog at some point soon.. Great site and keep up the good work!


ex ATM

Anonymous said...

I know it's old, but any chance of fixing the link?