C.C.S.S.-Fuck everything (2004,CDR)

Here's a unknown band from Montreal Canada: C.C.S.S. were a side project of two Inepsy members and "Fuck everything" is their demo cdr released by Awkward Productions
C.C.S.S. started as a side project band but after the 2005 tour with Born/Dead they became full time band. the released a st ep back in 2004 on Ugly Pop and after a hiatus they recently released "Punkcore/punkwhores" 7" on Radio 81 Records.
"Fuck Everything" is a cdr demo recorded back in 2004 and consists six tracks and approximately 15 minutes of hardcore in the vein of One way System,G.B.H. and Crucifix.
According to their myspace, there's a plan for an upcoming lp on No Options Records
02:Way of life
04:Who knows
05:Morbid process



Anonymous said...

gah this link is broken... you should e-mail kk.warslut@hotmail.com if you get it fixed, i would kill for this album

7inchcrust said...

link is fixed,easy-share deleted a shitload of links and i have not free time to re-up each one of these.enjoy it and thanx for reporting the dead shit