Nuclear Winter-st mcd (1997)

Nuclear Winter formed in Athens Greece in 1995 including Anastasis guitarist and former members of Deadly Silence and Yanna (drums) who later joined Hibernation. They started as Pyrinikos Hemonas (Nuclear Winter in greek language) and under this name they released in 1997 the st mcd. Right after this, they changed their name to Nuclear Winter and released a split 7" w Incriminated (2001 on Finnish label Shades Of Autumn Productions,currently called Breath Of Pestilence), they recorded also the three track "Abomination Virginborn" demo tape (2003) that was re-released a few years later as 7" by Blast Beat Mailmurder.
The mcd is a piece of metallic crust jewel of 15 minutes, heavy mid-paced tempos, metallic riffs, gruff vocals and the influences from Axegrinder, Amebix and Bolt Thrower are obvious. In their split w Incriminated they walked a step into the death metal area and finally in "Abomination Virginborn" their music had nothing in common with their debut mcd. Anastasis later formed Dead Congregation and also runs Nuclear Winter Records
Nuclear Winter myspace
1:Tower of storms
3:Always confused
5:A new beginning

Nuclear Winter-mcd


Anonymous said...
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Bak said...

One of the greatest crust/metal records from Greece!

Pawel Scream said...

Yeah, definately awesome record, I am huge fan since I discovered it a year or two ago!!!

7inchcrust said...

Pawel you should check Aeonio Skotos (Eternal darkness) from Greece, they are very close to Nuclear Winter tunes