Gehennah-Hell beer (tape,1995)

Gehennah is a noisy thrash band from Sweden. They were formed in 1992 and their lyrics and attitude brings them to the sub-genre of parody or comedy metal. the "Headbangers Against Disco Party" was a "organization" the band arranged to fight disco and pop music and reflects their attitude as a band.
After some line up changes and two demo tapes ("Kill" and "Brilliant Loud Overlords of Destruction", both limited to 100 copies each), in 1995 they had an offer for record from Primitive Art Records. The result was their first official release, "Hardrocker" cd, including some re-recorded tracks from "Brilliant..." demo
Hell Beer is a advance tape that came out to promote "Hardrocker" and consists three tracks from the cd
Check wikipedia or their website for more infos about them and dont forget their Christmas 7"
1:Blood metal
2:Brilliant loud overlords of destruction
3:Say hello to Mr Fist

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