Gasmask Terror-Demo (tape,2004)

Gasmask Terror is a d beat crustcore band from France, they were formed around 2004 and this is their demo tape. They have released a st ep, a st lp and Architects Of Death 7" ,they are going to tour in US with Black Dove in 2008.
No much to say about them,actually i don't know anything else, check their website for more
01:Wash off the bloodstains
02:Hand made disaster
03:Face the enemy
o4:Ruins...and then?
05:Oath of the shitheads
06:Desolate lands of sorrow

Gasmask Terror-Demo
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terroresa said...

file not found....

Akerbeltz said...

The complete demo is available from the band's webpage: http://ratbone.free.fr/gasmaskterror.html

Keep checking the website as I'm planning on adding free hi-quality (320 kbps) downloads of all Gasmask Terrör releases in the near future.


7inchcrust said...

thanks Luc, i keep an eye of your site.
as the French crust scene is a kind of terra ingognita to me, Gasmask Terrör is one of the few bands i know coming from there.