Asbestos-demo (1987,tape)

And since we are in Japan lets stay here for a while with Asbestos demo tape. Asbestos were a legendary crust band of 80's for the Japan scene, their discography is "War Crisis" 7"(1988,Chaotic Office/Burst Rec.s), "The Final Solution" LP(1989,Burst Rec.s) and "To The Memory Of The War Victim"(1996,Tribal War Asia, discography-2LP/CD/tape) including their official releases plus the demo and a few compilation tracks, in 1998 they released "Agonized cry" cd (Decontrol Records)
Recently they were formed back and as far as i know they released two ep's :st(2002) and split w Sabat(2005)
These tracks here are taken from To The "Memory Of The War Victim". Crusty hardcore with raw production, hoarse vocals and a lot of merciless drum beating,. Two tracks appear in "War Crisis" in crusty version as result of band's crusty face of Amebix in high speed
3:Worst your life
4:Born to kill
5:Atomic bomber

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