Morbid Axe-Rehersal

Morbid Axe is a old school grindcore/deathgrind band from Morioka city , Iwate, Japan. They were formed in 2004 and they have released until now the Live at MACANA,Sendai '05.09.17 CD-R(2005), Cattle Mutilation CDR(2006), and the Grind Up Your Ass (2007) full length. I had never heard anything about them but i found this 9 track rehersal video on Youtube and their website and they are fuckin great, Enjoy it and check their website for more infos,details samples and more videos

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Anonymous said...

puro grindcore del viejo!!!
esta genial esta banda ql...
si se pudiera subir el demo de estos japoneses se agradeceria