Filthscum - Scumdog

one man army here: Filthscum hail from Zofingen, Switzerland, started in 2019  and Scumdog is the debut recording, available in bandcamp. There are five tracks and 11:20" of D-beat crust full of energy and power with fast paced D-beat druming and crunchy guitars, angry shouted vocals and the whole shit reminds of Driller Killer. This is great and much better than what you eTORYxpect. There is a cdr version of the tracks. The good news is Filthscum is in the process of recording 14 tracks so new noise will be unleashed soon. After Nervous SS latest lp, Filthscum is another surpsrise in the one man army territory As i said this is in bandcamp for your listening pleasure (or contact for a cdr copy)


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