Warkrusher - All is Not Lost (Demo '19)

This band comes from from Montreal, Canada, featuring members of Napalm Raid, Parasytes, Disterror, IDNS, Mueco, Big Naturals, Metalian, and Zymotic so do not confuse them with Warkrusher from San Diego and Tijuana. All is Not Lost is band's first demo, its brings 8 songs including an intro and 18 minutes of heavy stenchcore crust inspired by Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, SDS, Bolt Thrower, Effigy, Misery, Fatum, Swordwielder etc This is heavy as hell metallic stenchcore..This is available in bandcamp. I didn't notice any band site around, All is Not Lost came out as cassette, available from the band  Revenge Records in Japan.

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