Motron - Who'll Stop The Rain?

"Motron is a 5 piece band from Varese Italy, featuring members of Kontatto, Miseria, Campus Sterminii, Pioggia Nera and Devoid Of Thought. With a blasting mix of raw crust, d-beat and rock 'n' roll riffing we'll blow your ears and your mind away!!!
Open your beer and get ready to enter an hellish world populated by zombies, despair, death, rage and booze!!!."
First met Motron four years ago when their Eternal Headache LP was posted here,  In 2019 they are back and after the 2017 promo they offer Who'll Stop The Rain? to the world. The record comes in 400 copies of black and 100 limited,  numbered copies of marbled red vinyl, co-released by Calimocho Autoproduzioni, Up The Punx, Pasidaryk Pats, Nuclear Chaos, Missing The Point, Disastro Sonoro, Angry Voice, ZAS, Get Syro and Bologna Punx.
And about the music: There are 14 tracks here including a Nabat cover, 14 songs or Rawk n Roll, bringing Crust Punk and Rock n Roll in a lethal blending that delivers D-beat driven crust mixed with drunk Rock n Roll, thick guitars, catchy riffs inspired by Motorhead legacy, pummeling drums, filthy bass and hoarse deep low vocals spitting verses about booze, warfare and a dystopic world, so much familiar. There are many backing vocals here and there and the record runs mostly in fast pace and that adds more aggression.
All and all,  Who'll Stop The Rain? is a fine piece of metal punk, motorcharged punk, rawk n roll, call it whatever you want, its the kind of filthy tunes brought by Inepsy, Speedwolf , Overcharge, Children of Technology and many others. Once the music starts, it flows like a cold tasty booze in a thirsty throat for 28 minutes. The record is available via the labels who are involved and also in bandcamp, there you will also find the lyrics and infos about the recording, artwork etc

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