Membrane -st 7"

This is raw, overdistoerted and primitive punk coming out of Oalkiand, California, United States: The band delivers six tracks of noise, This is the description by Byllepest Distro, thedistro/label that is going to release it as vinyl:
"Stripped of the self-righteous nature that usually contaminates too many raw-punk charged modern bands, Oakland's Membrane brings a ferocious mix of d-beat, stompy hardcore enveloped in a wall of distortion.
Membrane makes D-Beat more fun and catchier than it's been in a long time. Some tracks shine through with a general Disclose feel while a couple of their tunes break that formula by daring to rock the fuck out. Those songs highlight the faster ones to create a sense of completeness that few new raw punk EP's manage to capture.
Membrane might remind you of many other bands, while still remaining excitingly different. No matter if you're into Fight Back era Discharge, GAI or The Headcleaners, there is something here for you."
Two tracks all songs of the upcoming ep are availalbe in bandcamp


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