Löckheed - 4 Track demo tape

D-beat Raw Punk from Santa Rosa, California,USA. Löckheed is a new noise making band with members from Korrosive, Riita, Deras Krig and Argentavis, (a Riita's cassette review in Maximum RocknRoll says that the band changed name to Löckheed after the release of Absolute Santa Rosa, read here).
The 4 Ttrack cassette is their first release (under the Löckheed name) and its really great. Distorted and aggresive D-beat kängpunk with raw and priitive sound and a singer shouting anti-war lyrics. Not any novelties but the usual raw punk arrack. The cassette comes in 100 copies is available from the band and also in bandcamp. There is also a limited run of  Japanese edition with different cover artwork (see it here) .Recorded/mixed/mastered by Kevin, the singer  at Lizzcharge who also did the cover artwork and the layout. All and all this is a amazing debut release and Löckheed manage to stand on the top of the pile of numerous D-beat bands that pop up everyday. The band will play some gigs in next month in the local area (LA, Fresno, Tijuana, San Diego), there is no any site but their bandcamp page. Hope they will record new songs soon


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New band from France : KIAL? (d-beat)