Helvetet Recs new releases

Helvetet Records is a label/distro located in Lima, Peru and recently unleashed a bunch of amazing discography cd releases of old classic bands,
Excrement of War - Brutal Devastation: this is a discography cd of these UK crust vets , here you will find all songs of E.o.W. recorded and released on vinyl, (for more check here) the cd comes with obi strip.
Crudity - Total End cd: Here we got the Crudity discography, it consists of 20 tracks (from the demo tape 1985 that appeared in Stockholm Mangel comp. as well the band's only gig at Ultrahuset. Stockholm 12/09/1984
Hiatus - Old Fashioned Shit for Consumers : Originally released as cd in 1995 by Ataque Sonoro, it delivers 30 songs and its a short of discography, consisting of songs from demo, 7"s and splits as well some compilation songs.
Fear of War - Warsongs 1985-1987 : This was previously released as cassette and vinyl and now as cd, it brings 14 songs ,its the complete studio recordings of band from demo, unreleased 7" and contributions to compilations
All releases are licenced by the bands and come with obi-strip. Find the label in facebook too

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