Skürnaa - Demo tape 2019

D-Beat Crust from Thessaloniki, Greece: Skürnaa (i have no idea what their name means) formed  in 2018 or 17, they played several gigs and recently uploaded their first demo cassette in Youtube. The cassette will come out in a month or so and following the "tradition" of other greek bands (Dishönor, PissSniffers, Kolonaki SS, Βähallä), Skürnaa haven't any band page or social media or whatever.
The demo cassette consists of 12 tracks (including the eponymous microsong that lasts only a few seconds) and 15 minutes of D-beat with crust flavor on guitar, rough vocals in greek language, the usual fast and sometimes faster D-beat and decent sound quality. Everything is well placed in the mix and the band delivers the D-Beat goods.
The drummer also plays in Dishönor., the cover artwork was made by Khaos Art. The demo will come out soon, i hope to hear news for more recordings from them


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