Syrgas - Brinnande Lik (tape)

Syrgas come from Varmland County, Sweden and Brinnande Lik is their debut EP, there are four guys in the band although in this recording are mentioned three of them. Brinnande Lik comes in bandcamp and also as cassette on Blown Out Media, it consists of five tracks and nearly twelve minutes of Swedish D-beat käng punk, reminiscent of Anti Cimex and Totalitär  with crusty flavored sound  of Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade in guitar, minus the melodic leading parts. Brinnande Lik comes duplicated on both sides of yellow-tint transparent cassette with direct print label in black, single-panel single-sided j card, colorless jewel case in shrink wrap and 100 copies.This is excellent Swedish D-beat, and yo my shitty opinion one of the top tape releases of the year. Hope to see more recordings and releases by them

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Jesse said...

Blown Out Media cassette tape (BOM-2019-06) due September 2019!

Unknown said...

And some new shit is on the way startng recording sep!stay tuned!and buy Brinnande lik on blown out media!