Wärfear/ Protest-split 7'' out soon

Wärfear and Protest launched songs from their upcoming split 7" in bandcamp. Wärfear from Malacca, Malaysia need no introduction, this is going to be their second vinyl after the great split 7" with Braincëll and don't forget their amazing demo tape. They uploaded two tracks of metallic crust in the vein of Wolfpack, melodic yet epic and with a strong Tragedy/From Ashes Rise flavor in this recording. The songs last  6:20 minutes and probably these are the complete Wärfear side. The band remains in the high level of quality of their previous releases and delivers the goods.
Protest are punk vets for Singapore, they released The Biggest Proof Of Human Greed Is War (tape 1998) and a split cdr with Desecrate (2000) and remained tormant for almost two decades. They came back to life in January 2018 releasing Moral Injustice ep limited to 100 cd's and touring with Emerged in Malaysia and Singapore, at the same time a cassette version of Moral Injustice' inluding 'Biggest Proof of Human Greed is War' as box set, was released from Broken Noise. The band uploaded one track of D-beat crust punk from the upcomimg split 7"
 Co-released by Azadghei Records, Broken Noise Records and Overflöd Records.

Wärfear bandcamp
Protest bandcamp

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