Morbid Scum-Demo tape

Morbid Scum hail from Montpellier, France, they are a stenchcore crust trio and this is their debut demo tape. The band is active since winter 2017/2018 and according to their bandcamp they were active enough in 2018 (they played about 10 gigs). The cassette came out in January '19 and it consists of three tracks and 13:30 minutes running time and brings crust stenchore with old school flavor, heavy D-beat driven crust in mid/fast pace and rough dual vocal attack
The demo is available in bandcamp for streaming/downloading and for orders. Morbid Scum are goin to play in  Montpellier in a few days and then in April they are going to visit Bremgarten in Switzerland and Tübingen in Germany,(check dates in bandcamp)


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