Subversive Rite-Songs For The End Times LP

Songs For The End Times is the fresh new release of Subversive Rite from Brooklyn, New York. The band started in 2016 and has a couple demos and a compilation vinyl LP with both their cassettes, members were in many bands (Zatsuon, Ectoplasm, Hellkontroll, Nomad, Perdition, Process etc etc). Songs For The End Times comes as vinyl and was released by the North Carolina based Bloody Master Records who's also behind the demos LP as well releases of bands such as Sunshine Ward, Vägra, Hyena and Allergy.
Songs For The End Times comes in 550 copies and consists of ten tracks (8 new tracks and 2 re-recorded) and 19 minutes of excellent female fronted D-beat driven hardcore punk. Starting with a beautiful acoustic intro, soon turns into a punk beast as the distorted guitar riff kicks in. The band has an old school feeling blending Sacrilege with Burning Spirits Japanese punk and Swedish kangpunk as very accurately someone commented in the youtube vid of record "It's like Sacrilege meets Death Side meets Scandinavian Jawbreaker era Anti-Cimex" and all these under a screamed female voice reminding of Saira Detestation. All perfect here! The record comes in a beautiful old school cover artwork, it is availabe from Bloody Master and also for streaming in youtube and bandcamp.
All and all, this is a great record and i dare to say this is already among the top releases of 2019.

Youtube vid
Bloody Master Records online store

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