Pisscharge-Edën lp

Pisscharge is a new D-beat hardcore punk band  inspired by 80's and '90's  Brazilian hc/punk scene  and also heavily influenced by Discharge. Started in December 2017 and band members come from several countries, Brazil, Chile and Germany, all living in Linden, Hannover and as they say "We sing in different languages about what we think are problems that threat the planet. Antifa Punk, no Grayzone!", well this sounds good!
The record consists ofe thirteen songs of D-beat with metallic surface, angry vocals from Kassandra who sings in Portuguese (and that increases the Latin American feeling), fast D-beat drumming with some slower breaks, excellent sound quality and social, left-political lyrics. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at DNA Anti Studio, Celle and artwork was made by Lakshmi Weiẞmann, it comes in 500 copies of black vinyl, track #7, Marielle is dedicated to Brazilian activist Marielle Franco, a Brazilian politician, feminist, and human rights activist who was murdered in March 2018. Franco had been an outspoken critic of police brutality and extrajudicial killings, shortly before her death she became chairman of a commission for the investigation of military interventions in Brazil.
The band is quite active with their concerts, and in the summer they are going to play in More Noise For Life Fest. Edën is available from Aback distribution and many other distros,  also available for streaming/downloading in bandcamp. You can read a review in Punkdistro


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