Bombanfall-Asiktsfrihet cd

Bombanfall was a rather short lived killer band back in late '80's and Asiktsfrihet 7" remains a classic for the Swedish punk scene. Asiktsfrihet (freedom of opinion) came out in 1987 in 500 copies or so and it was a groundbreaking release delivering ferocious hardcore crust with brutal vocals and blasting drums simillar to Extreme Noise Terror (minus the D-beat). This was the only official Bombanfall release, it appeared in several compilations back in the day (Hardcore elitserien vol. 1, It Is Yourself Who Makes It Possible bootleg lp, All Hope Lost..Swedish hardcore 1982-1993 bootleg tape and Delirium Tremens vol 14), before the Asiktsfrihet release date, they changed their name to Two Moon Rising (a native American chief who fought the oppressors and general Custer in Little Big Horn battle), a sticker about this and a red sheet with infos and lyrics was included in several copies of 7". The band played only in three gigs and didn't released nor recorded anything else, Erich (Fear of God vocalist and Good Bad Music blog owner) wrote about an offer for a ep release on his own label Off Disc Records but TMR asked for a shitload of money upfront so things didn't work out.
32 years after all these, Black Konflik from Malaysia re-releases Asiktsfrihet, the six songs of 7" were remastered and come out as cd in 350 copies. This is official re-release, the cd comes with same flont/back artwork as the 7", gatefold paper sleeve and obi and in excellent quality Black Konflik is known for. Black Konflik. Available from the label.

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