Disanxian-The Greatest Outrageous Famine (cd/tape)

ok, this is not new release, comes from 2017 and the country of origin is China: The band is Disanxian (地三鮮) and The Greatest Outrageous Famine (極餓非道) came out as cassette and cd from Stoner Poem Productions and TIC (sublabel of  Dying Art Productions). Disanxian was born in Shenzhen city from the ashes of a band named Sick Reaction and includes people from Italy, Japan and of curse from China. Devoted to DIY spirit, they started their D-Zine webzine in 2016 (read here), the guitarist runs his one man project (here).
The Greatest Outrageous Famine  “is based on the famine “大飢荒” of China during the 1950’s using the punchline of Takeshi Kitano’s famous film Outrage (極惡非道)”. Music wise it consists of 14 tracks of Crusty Hardcore Punk including Discharge and Cryptic Slaughter covers. The release is lenghty enough since lasts nearly 28 minutes, the sound is raw and primitive, the D-beat driven force fuels the songs with energy. Do not expect top level production since the band says "in general we did this all lo-fi, low-cost and totally DIY." I don't know if the band is still active since in their bandcamp they say ""Disanxian was..", anyway give it a listening and watch them on stage in a full set vid, here


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