World In Ruins-Era of Warfare

World In Ruins hail from Sweden and this is their debut ep, currently available in digital format. Era of Warfare delivers six tracks of crust punk with old school death metal influences, the thick guitars brings heavy crunchy riffs  influenced by the '90's Swedish Death Metal legacy, The band balances nicely between crust and metal territory, sometimes delivering the typical crust punk riffs (Acts Of Cruelty) and then adding some metal influences (Free Speech etc) but without going too far and still walkiing in the punk field. Some lead guitar part make the whole thing more interesting. Strong shouted vocals and the usual D-beat drums complete the sonic attack.This is good effort, bringing excellent swedish D-beat Crust Punk with Metal hints stands somewhere between Wolfpack and Disfear and is one of these digital releases that deserve to come out in physical format. Currently available in many sites (spotify, tidal, deezer itunes, etc) and also in bandcamp, youtube. Hope to see it coming out as cd or casstte or even batter as vinyl. And let me put my two cents in here: You don't need so much streaming sites to promote your ep, this is great enought to make it through bandcamp and youtube

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