Deathrace-War is not The Matter, The Matter is You (tape)

D-Beat Raw Punk from south east Asia: Deathrace come from Singapore and War is not The Matter, The Matter is You is their six track pro tape released by Azadghei Records. The band delivers ferocious Raw punk in the vein of Disclose and their compatriots noise makers Lifelock. The artwork reveals what you should expect here and include lyrics  (and a trivia about artwork: There is a bunch of bands who have used this photo in their cover artwork:Wold Burns to Death, Disflesh, Grieve HPSS and probably many others). The cassette comes with download card and sticker, the songs are repeated on b side of tape and at the moment it is available from several distos (Revenge Rec.s, Distort Reality, Soap and Spikes etc), . Three songs are available in bandcamp.


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