Ironhawk-Cemetery of Steel

With a band name, artwork and release title like that and considering their first demo was titled Boozehounds from Hell, you probalby guess this is a motorcharged/metal punk band: Well, you are correct: Ironhawk hail from the Tasmanian wastelands, south of Australia, they started in 2012-13, they are two guys and one girl and they deliver crust metal, according tho them, they are influenced by Motörhead, Hawkwind, Sacrilege, Amebix, Onslaught, Axegrinder, Bathory Venom etc, Cemetery of Steel is a cassette released by Heavy Chains Records & Tapes, it consists of three songs of post-apocalyptic crust metal  and a blending of Amebix, Venom and early Bathory in eleven hellish minutes. The band revives the old school sound perfectly, fuckin awesome!  no need to say more, the cassette is available in several distros.


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