Dömesticrust-Another Reality//Another Fears

Here's an amazing band hailing from Indonesia: Dömesticrust is three guys from Kota,Bandung and they first appeared in 2017 with a two track demo, released only in bandcamp, this was was the first hint of the excellent crust they can deliver: Two solid D-beat tracks influenced by Doom, Disrupt and the likes.The demo was followed by Another Reality, Another Fears, a 10 tracks of Crust attack and a storm of old school Crust/D-Beat inferno: 8 new songs in the same pathway as their demo as well the two demo tracks and 24 minutes of crust. I love the bands who manage to deliver the goods without adding endless feedback of noise through distortion and reverb and Dömesticrust is one of them: Old school crust feeling and aggression, decent sound quality, the usual D-Beat drumming, excellent bass and guitar work, rough vocals. All perfect. This is available in bandcamp and youtube and according to a photo post  of band in their farcebook, Another Reality//Another Fears will come out as cassette, six months laters there's not any update about it, i guees this is the usual delay and sometime it will come out.


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