Decade-Demo (tape)

Decade come from Toronto, Canada, they are one of the bands that were born after the demise of Absolut (and Crotchmutt), the other new band is Last Agony, this demo is their first recorded material and was released on tape by Runstate Tapes. The cassette consists of six tracks and nearly eleven minutes of distorted and chaotic D-beat raw punk: The chaos begins after a one minute intro of indtrustrial sounds as the band kicks in with guitar and bass distortion to the maximum level, the usual D-beat drum attack and incomprehensible vocals drown in reverb and echo as much as can get. Everything stands well in the mix and completes a solid and raw sound of ear tormenting punk attack. The cassette is still availabe from Runstate Tapes (and probably elsewhere). And for vinyl lovers, Rawmantic Disasters will release it on seven iches.

Runstate Tapes

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