Cazador-Can I Leave?

this is Cazador from Columbia, South Caroina, United States nd deliver some powerviolence sick madness, the God Liquid demo was posted here some months ago. "Can I Leave?"  is 9 tracks of powerviolence with a hint of noise rock influences. Take Crossed Out if they only listened to Unsane. It was recorded with Roger Caughman from the band Ivadell. Art by @brainkief (instagram username) and Drawing Straws features Alex Strickland from Abacus and Bathe from Columbia. This is a collection of songs regarding the adversities any person shall go through during his or her life. It examines ones failures, the constant forms of judgement they will encounter and the feeling that life will only get worse. You want to leave, but you can't, so all you can do is mourn the fantasy world that you will never get the chance to visit. Available in bandcamp.Tapes will come out soon


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