Threskiornis-All Empires Fall

Now prepare for something obscure and unexpectedly good: Threskiornis hail from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia they formed in 2015  they are a five piece band with dual vocals and cello in their crust noize, i didn't find any farcebook page or anything else thats why the obsure thing. All Empires Fall is their first recording, it consists of six tracks and it delivers melodic, dark and melancholic crust, accompinied by the cello parts and with a hint of blackened feeling. The dual vocals make the whole thing more interesting, lyrics are dark and pessimistic too, there are melodic and emotional parts, typically fast crust parts with D-beat driving force in drumming. This is the crust known from bands such Aus Spotten, Oroku and Recreant. This is good, more than expected. Available in bandcamp. There is another band from Sydney named Bædan, playing the same crust and i think they share members.


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Unknown said...

the cello is so sweet.