Sturmovik-Destination Nowhere cd

Time for some great melodic crust tunes: Sturmovik hail from Poland Poland and inlude members of Wild Bitches and The Dead Goats. Destination Nowhere is their debut cd, released by Selfmadegod Records in 2015, N.I.C re-released it as vinyl in 2016 in 352 copies. This is available in Selfmadegod bandcamp and the label recomments this to fans of Disfear, Wolfbrigade, Victims, Genocide SS, Hellshock and Martyrd√∂d. This is outstanding and incredibly good melodic crust having its roots and influences in the afforementioned bands, i can only compare them with Instinto in matters of quality level. In other words, this is among the 2015 top releases of melodic crust. Destination Nowhere consists of nine songs and last 30 minutes and is available via Selfnadegod,  people from US can geit it via Earsplit Distro


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