Negative Standards-Fetters LP

Negative Standards come from Oakland they are not new in this blog,  a few years ago i posted their split with Whitehorse (here). Fetters is their new lp folling their I.II.III.IV.V 10 inch and VI.VII.VIII.IX.X.XI lp (both available in bandcamp) and is co-released by Negative Standards Records (band's own label) and Vendetta in Europe. it consists of ten songs named after latin numbers and delivers a blending of crust, hardcore and doom/sludge and create a blackened, dystopic and apocalyptic landscape for the listener. The use of sampes makes the whole thing haunting. the sound quality is excellent and the tuned down crust parts along with the D-beat drums meet the emotional sludge breaks and the anger of hardcore. This is heavy and sick and can get. Fetters came out as cassette in 2015 and vinyl in 2016. Available in bancamp too. There is a great Cvlt nation review, check it here


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