Devious Instinct/Slaktgrav-Neverending War split cdr

This is a split cdr with two bands coming from Greece, Devious Instinct is one man band from Thessaloniki, formed by a guy who also plays/played in Thrinos Aenaos and Noireblood and deliver four tracks of black metallic punk n roll in the vein of Tiger Junkies, Carpathian Forset, Aura Noir, Satyricon and the likes, There are acid shrieking vocals, D-beat drums, some great ideas in guitar work and the sound quality is decent, the lack of this shitty reverb in drum sound would make things excellent but even the way the whole thing came out is worth enough to respect it. Birthtumor is my fav track here. Slaktgrav is the transformation of mincecore freaks Slaughtergrave into a D-beat band, they formed in 2012 and they have several releases under their belt (check here), they appeared in this blog for the Freedom Punker 4 way split, many moons ago. Here they contribute four tracks taken from older recordings and deliver Swedish D-beat hardcore, song titles and lyrics are in Swedish. The split came out as cdr in thin plastic case with great arwork from Jef (Unfit Scum, Helvetin Viemarit) in 50 copies (i think) by  Deathforce Records and nearly twenty minutes total running time.  Give it a listening in youtube

youtube vid

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