Ataraxia-.I Fear what the Future holds tape,2016

Ataraxia come from Ibaraki,.Japan and include current members of  Destruction and former members of  Patronage and Evil Subtitute. I Fear what the Future holds comes as cassette and delivers 7 tracks of Brutal D-Beat Hardcore Crust, 5 tracks taken from the previous demo 'I fear what the future holds' that released in 2014 (self-released), plus 2 unreleased tracks and all remastered in 2016 by the band members. Cassette comes with free sticker. Released by Black Konflik Records  and you can score a copy there. You can stream the five tracks from 2014 in bandcamp.



Black Konflik Records said...

Thanks Billy!

7inchcrust said...

cheers my friend, i will post some more from Black Konflict soon