Apärä-st demo 2015

Time for some outstanding raw punk noise: Apärä (bastard in finnish, not to be confused with the band Apärät) come from the city of Mexico and this is their four track tape, recorded and released in Octomber 2015 by Doomsday Records. I don't know anything about Apärä,the demo is poasted in a couple mexcan punks blogs but not any ifo about the band. Anyway, this must be their first demo and is a blast of noise, chaotic and raging, ear tormenting D-Beat raw punk full of reverb and distortion at its finest. I don't need to put here the list of usual bands they sound alike. The demo lasts nearly nine minutes and its available in bandcamp along with Doomday's other releases, the label probably has physical copies of demo. Lyrics are in spanish and are available in bandcamp as well. Doomsday Records started back in 2010 and they have a shitload or releases under their belt, (there's some great stuff there.). I said enough, this is so fuckin good and deserves some attention, give it a listening and enjoy the noise.


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